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200 Disc Repair Service-Fix your Scratch Wholesale Game Lot-Nintendo Wii Xbox360

200 Disc Repair Service-Fix your Scratch Wholesale Game Lot-Nintendo Wii Xbox360

200 Disc Repair Service-Fix your Scratch Wholesale Game Lot-Nintendo Wii Xbox360

If you're looking for Video Game, DVD, CD or Blu-ray disc resurfacing, you've come to the right place! Game Disc Repair offers professional restoration of disc media for a fraction of the cost of replacing it.

We offer bulk / volume discounts. The more discs you send in for repair simultaneously, the lower the cost per disc. Page in our store for discount info on multi-disc repair orders. Order and pay for the repair service. Note this listing is for two hundred disc repairs.

For larger repair quantities you may need (at a lower cost per disc). Double sided discs count as 2 repairs since we resurface both sides. We promptly repair your discs 4. Our industrial resurfacing equipment provides unbeatable results! The professional grade machines we use do not leave finishing swirls or any other anomalies like other repair services or those cheap disc cleaners you may have seen.

Your discs can be covered in scratches and come back looking like new when using our service! Game Disc Repair utilizes the industrys highest performing state-of-the-art disc resurfacing machines that cost tens of thousands of dollars. No other disc repair solution comes close. Basically, if Game Disc Repair cannot fix your discs, no one can.

Important Information: As with any repair process, there are limitations to what can and cannot be repaired. While most discs are salvageable, there are obviously exceptions. Prior to ordering this service, please review the Can My Disc Be Fixed?

Section in our store to determine if you have discs that are beyond repair. We repair the following types of disc media. Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3 Blu-ray). Microsoft Xbox 360 Yes, the dreaded circle / ring / round scratch is removed! TurboGrafx-16 CD & Turbo Duo CD. PC DVD-ROM (Games & Software). PC CD-ROM (Games & Software). DVD discs DVD-R, DVD-RW etc. Blu-ray discs Movies, Games, BD-R, BD-RE, etc. HD-DVD discs Movies, HD DVD-R, HD DVD-RW, etc. Audio CD Music CD, Audiobooks / Audio Books, Books-on-Disc, CD-R, CD-RW etc.

Dual / Double sided DVD discs (Counts as 2 repairs since we resurface both sides). Note: We resurface virtually any disc format imaginable Video Game discs, CD, DVD, Blu-ray, PC, etc. Feel free to mix and match any disc type on any order you place with us. Discounts available for Bulk / High-Volume repair orders!

If you need different quantities of discs repaired than what this listing offers, see the Bulk Repairs. In our store for info on multi-disc repair orders.

Whether you have 1 disc or 1,000 discs that need resurfaced, we have the equipment and expertise to meet your needs! Game Disc Repair can resurface your games to "like new" condition and get you back to playing in no time. Take your business to the next level! Outsource your disc resurfacing to Game Disc Repair! Great for used disc resellers, rental stores, libraries & more! Discount & bulk pricing for large/high volume repair lots. 100 discs or 1,000 - We have the repair capacity to meet your needs. For details, please see our Business Customers. Dreaded Xbox 360 "Circle Scratch"? You don't need to replace it!

We have fixed thousands of discs with this type of damage. Our repair service will get your game resurfaced and restored to working order! The dream of a pristine scratch-free disc collection is within reach! Let us help you achieve an immaculate game collection! We resurface virtually any disc format.

Everything from Video Games to DVDs to Blu-ray discs! Game Disc Repair is a segment of Retro Game Fan - Classic Video Game Stores. Do not send us your game cases, instructions, etc. This will not add more scratches that can't be fixed. Please note: Disc repair turnaround time is contingent on how quickly you get your discs to us and our current customer volume.

We take extreme care not only in repairing your discs, but also for their return trip back to you! You can save your free protective sleeves or CD cake boxes for the next time you need to send us discs for resurfacing! Game Disc Repair has a wealth of knowledge available via our store pages. In regards to disc repair and resurfacing. Please take time to familiarize yourself with our process, what type of damage can and cannot be repaired, etc. Links are available throughout this listing, so please review prior to purchasing this service. With any questions, we are here to help! Note that some disc types are more responsive to resurfacing than others.

Very deep scratches on some discs may be reduced and not fully eliminated. Please review our Can My Disc Be Fixed? We cannot accept or repair illegally copied or pirated media.

This is not a duplication service of any kind. This service is only provided to attempt repair of disc media to a playable state. Customer agrees by purchasing this service that Game Disc Repair will attempt to repair their disc media. Not all discs can be repaired, so please inspect your discs prior to purchasing this service to determine if you have irreparable discs see Can My Disc Be Fixed?

Game Disc Repair cannot be liable for loss of data or damage to records or files on discs. Game Disc Repair is not liable for original retail price of your discs if they cannot be repaired. To learn more about the various types of disc damage, our repair process, FAQs, etc. Please reference the following pages in our store. Can My Disc Be Fixed?

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  • Type: Disc Repair Service
  • Service: Professional Disc Repair / Disc Resurfacing
  • Platform: Multi-Platform
  • Disc types we repair: Sony PlayStation 1 (PS1)
  • Disc types we repair, cont 1: Sony PlayStation 1, 2 (PS1, PS2)
  • Disc types we repair, cont 2: Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3 Blu-ray)
  • Disc types we repair, cont 3: Microsoft Xbox, Xbox 360
  • Disc types we repair, cont 4: Nintendo GameCube, Wii, Wii U
  • Disc types we repair, cont 5: Sega CD, Saturn, Dreamcast
  • Disc types we repair, cont 6: NEC TurboGrafx-16 CD & Turbo Duo CD
  • Disc types we repair, cont 7: Philips CD-i, Panasonic 3D0
  • Disc types we repair, cont 8: Atari Jaguar CD, SNK Neo-Geo CD
  • Disc types we repair, cont 9: PC DVD-ROM & CD-ROM (Games & Software)
  • Disc types we repair, cont 10: DVD discs (All DVDs, DVD-R, DVD-RW etc.


  • Disc types we repair, cont 11: Blu-ray discs (Movies, Games, BD-R, BD-RE, etc.

    200 Disc Repair Service-Fix your Scratch Wholesale Game Lot-Nintendo Wii Xbox360